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An optional argument when creating a certificate is ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD.This argument defines a password protection method of the certificate's private key.With data stored in tables, you have a few options to protect data. Second, we can also assign column level permissions to users. Check out this tip to learn more about column level encryption.An important option to be considered during restricting unauthorized access to data is to encrypt data so that even if somebody was able to reach to data it is not discernable by a simple query.Since critical information like credit card numbers are stored in column or two, it does not make sense to encrypt the complete database or database files.In this tip I will walk through the processes of encrypting a column in a table which contains credit card information of customers of XYZ company by using SQL Server symmetric key encryption.

We will follow the same hierarchy in the subsequent steps of this tip. Customer_data table which contains credit card details for customers.

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Financial firms have sensitive data including credit card numbers, social security numbers, financial history, etc.

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Based on the sensitivity of the data, it needs to be secured and protected from unauthorized access. Can I encrypt only a column in my table or do I need to encrypt the whole database?

As we indicated before, make sure you open and close symmetric key as shown earlier. USE encrypt_test; GO OPEN SYMMETRIC KEY Symmetric Key1 DECRYPTION BY CERTIFICATE Certificate1; GO -- Now list the original ID, the encrypted ID SELECT Customer_id, Credit_card_number_encrypt AS 'Encrypted Credit Card Number', CONVERT(varchar, Decrypt By Key(Credit_card_number_encrypt)) AS 'Decrypted Credit Card Number' FROM dbo.

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