Dating female sociopaths

16-Aug-2016 13:16

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She will appear sympathetic, caring, concerned and display all the empathy/sympahty emotions, when in all reality she is pulling you in closer to keep the control for personal gain.

They are also, in some cases made to feel inadequate, and never living up to their mother’s standards.

Some female sociopaths are emotionally disconnected from their children, causing the ‘whiplash’ scenario, leaving the children with a deep craving for admiration. Many of these women ‘appear’ normal in the public setting, but are verbally and emotionally abusive in the private setting.

The Female Sociopath needs to be dominate, and she does this by being verbally intimidating and emotionally manipulative.

These women easily manipulate the court system in their favour with financial judgments, all done by made up lies about the man, false documentation, and coerced ‘statement’s’, thus leaving the men financially ruined.

Male victims of a female Sociopath not only have to grasp what they just went through, and accept the hard blow to the ego, but they may also have to fight the ex in the court system for custody, and/or shared custody.

To a Female Sociopath the end justify’s the mean’s.